Make your return and repair easier!

We offer returns processing, reverse logistics, refurbishment, repair, and re-manufacturing services:

  • Product Returns Management
  • Warranty Program Management (in-warranty and out-of-warranty programs)
  • Recall Management
  • Product Audit, Test, Triage, and Return-to-Vendor (RTV) Management
  • Configuration, Software Restoration and Advanced Product Replacement
  • Refurbishing, Re-manufacturing, Re-Kitting and Shipment
  • Product Re-marketing and Value Recovery
  • Restocking and Inventory Management
  • Green Logistics Programs
  • Product Recycling and Disposal

Both Companies and their Customers Benefit from Reverse Logistics:

Outsourcing reverse logistics including returns processing, refurbishment, repair, and re-manufacturing services helps manufacturers, technology users, service providers, retailers, and logistics professionals reduce operating costs and eliminate high levels of waste by extending the useful life of products.

Companies that offer reverse logistics programs help customers maximize the built-in value of their equipment by:

  • Ensuring maximum productivity and performance
  • Increasing reliability and equipment up time
  • Ensuring cost-effective performance
  • Providing a like-new warranty
  • Increasing the customer’s return on their investment
  • Providing the customer with a variety of repair options to meet their service needs
  • Providing the customer with a higher resale value
  • Providing the lowest total owning and operating life cycle costs