E-Commerce Automation Tools
For Your Online Business

Order Processing

  • Have a view of all information you need about your orders.
  • Link a product, get the lowest shipping rate, print out the shipping label and confirm your shipment, you can process one order in just a few seconds.
  • We also support Amazon and Newegg Buy Shipping Services.

Inventory Management

  • Keep a record for every single item in your warehouse.
  • Easy to input and check conditions and quantities of your products.
  • We can help you find product information from online resources when you add a new product to your inventory.

Multi-channel Marketplaces

  • Make your own multi-channel list. Synchronize price and quantity with our customized system.
  • We cooperate with shiping carriers including UPS, FedEx, USPS, DHL.

Real-time Price Control

  • Check and update prices are even easier than you do on the marketplace seller portal.
  • Make your own multi-channel price synchronization solution.

Purchasing Record

  • Never be bothered by quantity mismatch problems again.
  • Create a record for what you purchase and make it eaiser to put them into the system when they arrive.

Oversea Logistics

  • We offer oversea warehouse and return solutions.
  • Give you advices on product data translation and product localization

Order Monitoring

  • Read and reply customers’ emails within the order processing page.
  • You can manage your order logs in one place.

Note Function

  • Need to keep an eye on one product for some particular reasons? Just add a note to it. This note not only reminds you but also informs everyone who see it.
  • We also provide note for inbound, orders, waiting tasks, products, items, repairing and return orders.

Market Analysis

  • Help you find out the best sellers and the most competitive items in the parketplace.
  • Get marketing advices from your selling data.
  • Not sure about your profit rate in this order? We can help to find out and give you price suggestions.